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Chronological Bibliography on Color Theory

Compiled by José Luis Caivano

with the assistance of Paulina Becerra

Collaborators: Juliana Agostinelli, Rodrigo Amuchástegui, Gracia Cutuli, Mario Echegaray, Julieta Garavaglia, Mabel López, Cristina Manganiello, María Luisa Musso, Manuel Net, Andrea Pappier, Pablo Valle


Color Research Program

School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, Buenos Aires University


This database includes books, doctoral dissertations, and old manuscripts dealing with color theory. Books are dated according to the publication of the first edition or, in the case of old manuscripts, the date of writing. Also, information about translations and posterior editions is provided.

If you see that some book that should be here is lacking, send the complete information to caivano“AT”

If you have published a book, and it does not appear here, please, send a copy to: Programa Color, José L. Caivano, Secretaría de Investigaciones, Facultad de Arquitectura UBA, Ciudad Universitaria Pab. 3 piso 4, C1428BFA Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bibliography (in searchable database format)

Last updated: March 1, 2004


Bibliography (in Word document format)

Last updated: August 1, 2007


c.360 B.C. - 1960


1961 - 2007

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